Focus On God...

"The sun's energy warms the world. But when you focus it through a magnifying glass it can start a fire. Focus is powerful!" - Alan Pariser

I read that quote yesterday and it blew my mind! So true! When our focus is on God, we can change the world. We can help start a fire to share the message and love of Jesus Christ to everyone around us.

I have a story that goes well with this. Yesterday I was playing basketball with a friend and I kept missing the shot. I told him, "I'm no good at this!" He said, "No you need to focus before you shoot. You're just shooting, once you stop and focus you'll get it." I was like Um.. sure! Yeah, right! But when I followed his advice and focused before I shot, it went in. Now, I'm no where near being a Shaq or Lebron James, but I can at least get it in.. sometimes. ;)

The point being, in life if we have our focus on God we will "shoot" and score. Even if everything is falling apart around us if our focus is on God we will stay in the game. In Matthew 14 Jesus walked on water. Peter asked to come out on the water with Jesus and he did, he was doing well, but then Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and began to sink. Point is, he wasn't sinking until he took eyes (or focus) off of the Lord. We too will begin to sink if we place our focus on anything other than God.

My reminder to you is... don't let the world steal your focus. Cars, clothes, schools, people, jobs, social gatherings, all these things do not save you. Nor will they ever. Only Jesus Christ can and will save you. Keep your focus on Him and you will not sink. Keep your focus on Him and you will start a fire. And that fire is all-consuming and will grow and consume everyone that it encounters. Praise the Lord! Be blessed.

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