"That's Awesome!" No... It's Not...

"Wow! That's awesome!"

Awesome... that is such an over-used and mis-used word. In the dictionary it says that the word awesome means:

                                                   inspiring awe or very impressive.

Something I found very interesting... a few days ago was when I was spending time with God I came across a couple verses that describes God using, yep you got it, the word awesome. I thought for a minute about how much I've used that word and in the context I've used it. Then I thought about how other people use it. I figured out that we have got it all wrong.

Think about this with me for a second... we see a car we say, "Oh wow! That's an awesome car!" or we see a movie and we go, "Dude! That's an awesome movie!" We are saying that this car or movie has us in awe or is very impressive. But does it really? Were you really in awe of either of those things? Truth be told - no you were not. So when we say, "God is awesome!", do we mean it? Do we understand what we are saying? See you have to change the context in which you're using it. If you still have the mind frame that a car is awesome then you are degrading God down to nothing more than a cool car. If you throw that out the window and think about it, God truly is Awesome (and so much more!!!!) He brings me to my knees in awe of Him and He is way more than just "very impressive".

What I would like to challenge you to do (and this is not me telling you what to do, just an idea) is remove the word 'awesome' from your vocabulary for a while and only use it to describe something that is really and truly awesome. I've been doing that recently and I've seen how my viewing of things has changed and how it's really hard when you've used it for so long! Ha ha! But God has a plan in everything!! This is just one more thing that works in it. :) This was just something I had on my heart and mind and wanted to share it. Be blessed.

"...for the LORD your God, the great and awesome God, is among you." - Deuteronomy 7:21


  1. Wow, Wow,Wow, and Wow Again!!! Go God!!! It amazes me to see words God speak through you! thank you for yielding to God, and letting Him use you!!!

  2. I love this. Im in the process of reading your past 17 posts haha. Talk about catching up, but I really love this one. It is very very true.


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