To Date Or Not To Date...

Dating. Oh what a wide topic... so much to talk about. For today I'm just going to state my opinions and you can do with it whatever you wish.

What is the purpose of dating? To find the person you will spend the rest of your life with, right? Then, might I ask, what is the purpose in high school dating? I have dated one person and through that (I learn the hard way unfortunately. haha) I have learned many, many things. The main thing being I am not ready to date anyone. Second thing, that's okay. Don't let anyone pressure you into dating, if you're not ready for that don't be ashamed. Boast in the Lord.

In our society (especially in the south) people make it seem like if you're not in a relationship with someone, then there must be something wrong with you. There's absolutely nothing wrong with waiting 'til you are ready even if that's years and years from now. I think that in high school it is pointless to date. My reasons being, you don't know who you are yet, emotionally and physically there is a lot going on (which makes for a lot of confusion and drama), and adding another person to the mix of that causes problems. As my lovely Pastor said (I have no clue where he got this quote from! So I'm giving him the credit!! haha), "It's better to single and lonely than married and miserable." How true that is! I know you can love someone a lot, but can you be in love with someone in high school? I think in a very special case, yes. But it has to be very special. Otherwise I think emotions are being confused, you're not "in love" you are in lust. That's a very dangerous place to be.

My advice is this: Wait. Wait on the Lord to reveal to you when He knows you're ready. In that time don't think of being single as a burden because truly it isn't. Singleness is a gift. It allows you to be completely focused on Jesus and nothing else. Get to know God very well. Get to know yourself in God very well, and like I said when you're ready God will tell you.

"Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." - Psalm 27:14


  1. Great post girl! I'm waiting as well! :) <3

  2. I'm giving this a big amen!!
    Since I didn't grow up with a dad actually present in my or my sisters life, this is a deep topic. I've never dated anyone, and I'll be a Senior in High School this August. I've seen my sisters date guys too many times. I don't remember when or how old I was, but I told myself that I don't want to date till I'm ready. I don't know when I'll be ready, but I'm trusting God with this "dating" thing.
    And I've always struggled with 'How's a guy supposed to treat a girl?' ,'how's a girl supposed to treat a guy?' , 'how's a husband supposed to treat his wife?' and 'how's a wife supposed to treat her husband?'..
    All through out growing up, I've been taught what not to do.. Now, it would be of great help if someone would just teach/show me what to do! Because I don't want to do the wrong thing like they have.
    But anyways, thanks for posting! (:


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