that is something I do.
I have no choice, I must forgive.
The process after forgiveness..
that is what I struggle with...

Forgetting the ways I failed my God.
Forgetting how I lost my way.
Forgetting how I was misled and hurt,
How I may have led others astray.

Yet as I sit here in distress
trying to figure out all of this,
A still, small voice whispers in my ear
"You're forgiven. And I am near,
I will take away the pain you feel,
and the hurt that holds you close,
lean back into My arms, and let Me hold you so.
Forget about those things, for I have already forgotten them."

I am forgiven. I am freed. And now I see, He's all I will ever need.


  1. If you are in Christ you ARE FORGIVEN! Praise God He puts our sins as far as the east is from the west and remembers them no more!


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