Heaven Is For Real

I finished reading this book last week. I don't know where to begin... it's a really, really good book. Todd Burpo goes through and tells the story of his 4 year old little boy named Colten who says he went to Heaven. What follows will blow. your. mind. Not kidding.

I've heard many people speculate about this book, whether the child did or didn't go to Heaven. Here's my opinion, if God wants to use a 4 year old child to spread His message then He will and can. The things he talks about are Biblically sound and there's no way that a child can know all this unless he has seen it. Personally I believe the whole thing did occur. And God used this book to grow my faith and open my mind.

I really.. strongly encourage you to go find this book and read it with an open mind. Pray before you read it and ask God to reveal His Truth to you while reading it. God will change you while you're reading this. Your faith may become more child-like. Let the Father do His work in you. Love y'all! Stay blessed.

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