Life Change...

"Jesus + the Cross = salvation = transformation = change = not doing things the way you used to."

I wrote these words in my journal tonight. God has been teaching me about how if I truly love Him and truly have been saved, my life will look different from the way it has been. Slowly, I am changing completely and totally in my life. In how I walk, talk, the things I do, everything. I am no where near being where I need to be, but God is helping me through this process.

As I was writing earlier and thinking about life I couldn't help but think, I'm tired of living on the sideline of life watching things happen. Because I am a follower of Jesus I choose to follow Him even unto death. No matter what He wants me to do, I will obey. In Matthew 8 there is a story about a disciple that came up to Jesus and told Him he would follow Him, but he had a father who had died and wanted to go bury him first and then follow Jesus. Jesus replied, "Follow Me, and let the dead bury their own dead." (vs. 32) I've always thought, wow, that's kinda harsh. Then today during devo's I read in one of them about this story and how Jesus wasn't being mean or harsh He was simply illustrating a point, if we want to follow Him sometimes there will be choices we have to make between being with our father and mother or doing His work.

The question I ask myself and you is this, will you follow Jesus Christ anywhere He goes?

Really think about that for a minute. Are you willing to follow Jesus to depths of the earth to share His love and His gospel? Woo! That challenges me so much. It's easy to say, "I love Jesus. I go to church every week, serve people, am in the choir, do things for the Lord all the time." But can you really say you truly love Jesus, so much so that you'll go anywhere He wants to go? Even if it means being in not so nice (clean) places doing things that might get you out of your comfort zone or are just plain hard?

God has placed so heavy on my heart to not just be a "fan" of Him, but to be a true follower of Him... to truly love Him and truly live for Him. No where in the Bible does it say living for Christ will be easy (if you see that let me know), looking at the lives of people like Peter and Paul you see very clearly that it's not an easy journey, but I bet if they were here right now on this earth, the would tell you it is so worth it. I would agree. Living for Christ, as difficult as it may be, is so, so worth it. Join in on the journey, you won't regret it. Stay blessed.


  1. I have made the decision to get baptized this Sunday and I will try to really follow Jesus and stay obedient in my faith as I grow and become stronger in it!

    PS: Thanks for reading my blog, I made it so people can follow it now, so feel free to follow my blog if you want to.

  2. Your words were very encouraging for me today - It's been heavy in my heart to return to the church that I've fallen away from 20 years ago. Many things in my life have been leading me back to God. If I return to this church I will have to walk away from my family belief's and this is a very hard decision. Thanks again for your post.


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