Asking Forgiveness...

So I have had an amazing week so far!! God is good and life is pretty fantastic as well. :) I'd like to share on some things that God has dealt with me on and share an experience that really changed me and my life for the better. :)

So Sunday night I was praying about what some things might be in my life that are hindering my relationship with the Lord and immediately He brought a few people to my mind. See, I got angry at someone a while back and in my mind I thought the best way to get back at that person was to completely diss his friends (that were also my friends) and get them out of my life. Yes, that was so wrong. Anyways, so I was asking God what He wanted me to do and He said, ask forgiveness. So I asked His forgiveness and then.. then came the hard part, asking other people's forgiveness.

I had decided that the next day I would start talking to these people and ask forgiveness for the wrong I had done. And then I decided to open the book I'm reading right now and (this is so Jesus!!!) the entire chapter was on asking others for forgiveness. God is good all the time! Amen?! :) I was just like wow, this is stinking awesome that God would tell me this and just to confirm it He would say, "Read this."

The next day, as I was dreading it all, I asked the people I had wronged for forgiveness. In my mind I was thinking they would not accept, stay angry at me forever, and never talk to me again much less want to be friends. Turns out I have some really amazing people with forgiving hearts in my life because all of them said they accepted my apology and would like to be friends. This is the best case scenario I know. I thank God for that, but I also know that sometimes people won't accept your apology and you have to deal with that too. But that's a different topic for a different day.

This is a testament of how faithful God is and how when you're right with Him all our wrongs will be made right by His great love and mercy. My challenge to you is to ask God if there is anyone in your life that you have wronged that you need to ask forgiveness of. At first I was told by several people that certain individuals didn't deserve my forgiveness, that they had never apologized so why should I and blah blah, but the truth is, we don't deserve God's forgiveness. Yet He gives it to us willingly over and over again. Shouldn't we do the same? Yes, we should. May God bless you richly! Keep pursuing Him!!

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