Follower, Not A Fan.

I have been absolutely wrecked recently by the Lord. I'll tell you why... well there are a few reasons, one being I finished reading a book called 'Not A Fan' by Kyle Idleman. That was an amazing book!! Anyone who really wants to be a true Christian should go find that book and read it. :) God spoke so strongly to me. The book talks about us not just being fans, but truly following the Lord because that my friend, is what and who a true Christian is, a follower.

I have realized I am not made to live this luxurious life. No, this is not how I was created to live. I was created to live a simple life. Relying purely on my God and giving until I have nothing left to give.

I think about the child with nothing to eat, I am thankful I have food, I want to give that child a good meal.
I think of the father or mother who has to raise his or her kids by themselves. I want to help them, give them hope, encouragement, and an extra hand when needed.
I think of the friend of mine who is missing, who no one knows where he is and tears stream down my face wanting nothing more than for him to be brought home safely and soon.

These are just a few of the things that break my heart and a few of the things I know the Lord can use me in. I always wonder why I have so much (might not look like a lot, but to someone who has nothing, it looks like loads.) then God showed me  He gave me much, so I can share with those who have little. No, I cannot do everything. That would be silly to think, but I can do way more than I am doing right now. Thinking of all I could be helping I see I am wasting my life. I can share Jesus with the people I help. Be-friend the people that everyone thinks is "lowly", "uncool", or "filthy". These people... I can be their friend, I can love them, and most importantly, I can show them Jesus.

These are my hearts desires.. better yet I believe these are my God's desires. I will let Him use me where I am, as I am, for what He wants. My prayer is you do the same. God bless!

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