Get Real...

Christians are to be authentic, right? Real. True. Just. Etc.
Why aren't we? Why do we go to Church and pretend like we have it all together? I mean read the Bible. Everybody in there is a mess up (with the exception of Jesus). Why do we think we need to have it all together and appear perfect?
I just don't understand.

See, I've learned, people feel more welcome and not as awkward when they come to church when they realize the people around them struggle just as much as they do. The only difference is we can overcome by Jesus' strength.
I don't have it all together fyi.
I get told I smile all the time, yes I smile often and that is because I have Christ and all the joy that is found in Him, but there are times I cry, frown, have a really bad day. Do you want me to pretend I don't? Because I definitely can do that. I was a professional at the fake smile, the fake happiness, the fake everything. My mask was better than you could have possibly imagined.
That was before Christ. Now I simply refuse to "fake it 'til I make it" because I realize I may fool all the people around me, but I can't fool Christ. So why fool anyone?
I learned the minute I took off my mask that my life was way better.
I didn't pretend anymore. Wasn't scared to show the real me. It was strangely and amazingly... stress free. I'd put the mask on for years thinking people would judge me and hate me. I stressed myself over that but once I "let go and let God" everything just kind of fell into place.

Today was a... irritating day. But not as much as tonight. I miss that person I clinged to for a few months. Confided everything in. I miss them. Nights like this I have to worship like crazy.
I have to pray my heart out. I have to get so real with God and let Him know that I am hurting, that my pain is causing problems between us and that I need Him to take it away.
That's seems simple. God can do it for sure. The real problem is, will I let Him? Will I surrender? Surrender is way harder than most say it is. Must say it's most worth it though. :)

I know you might be hurting. Struggling with guys or girls, your appearance, your parents, your kids, your siblings, sin. But God has got you. He won't ever let you go. He loves you because He loves you because.... He loves you! Forever and always. Believe that. Let Him free you. Let Him hold you. Let go and let God. Love you guys!


What ya' got to say? :)