The Grade I Don't Deserve

I read a story a while back and was reminded of it the other day. I'm  not sure where I read it, but I'm pretty sure it was a devotional... but who knows! Ha ha! (Sidenote: I tend to forget things easily. Little details like where I read something... haha:)

So here's the story...

There was a bunch of students in class one day getting ready to take a test. While the teacher is passing out the tests he tells them, "I want you to flip to the last page and read what is written." When the students turned there, they found a note that said: "No matter what your results are on this test you all will get an 'A'." The students were ecstatic! As most would be, and also confused. Why would their teacher give them this test and tell them they would get an 'A' regardless? Well there was one student, she was the smartest out of them all, and she chose to take the test so she could, in her words, "Earn my grade." All the other students simply placed their tests, untaken at the teachers desk.

Each day I am amazed that God, being so loving, would give me an 'A+' when I deserve an 'F'. He gives me the grade I don't deserve, the grade  I could never earn. It's just there. God's gives us grace and mercy even though we don't deserve it. Yes, it's confusing at times why God would love us, but we must accept it gratefully and move forward in that love. Some people are like the girl who took the test without really needing to, thinking she'd earn the grade herself, they spend their whole lives working to earn the grace, love, and mercy Jesus gave us, not seeing that all of that was taken to the Cross. There is nothing to earn.

I want to remind that you have been given a grade you don't deserve. Jesus loves you as you are. He wants you to come and follow Him and live your life for His glory. His grace has covered everything you have done wrong and will do wrong. You are free. You are clean. Most importantly, you are His. Be blessed. :)

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