I Can Do More...

I can do more with my life.
I can do more with my money.
I can do more with my time. But do I?
Not really. My life I claim as my own, yet He says my real life, true life is found in Him. Where?
In my Savior. My Jesus. My King.
My brothers are sisters sit alone. Not knowing there is a Father who loves them more than life itself and will give them such a passionate, amazing life they will not believe what they've been missing.
Satan lies to us. Tells us we're not good enough. Tells us to judge those who do the "bigger sins"- Sex outside of marriage, drugs, alcohol, stealing, etc. and that those of who commit "smaller sins" are alright - lies, gluttony, greediness, envy, pride, etc.
But that's not right. God says all sins are equal in His eyes. God told me He shows no favoritism, so if this is so then He definitely loves those who are having sex outside of marriage, just as much as he loves the kid who's stealing food from the grocery store. He loves the cocaine addict just as much as he loves the person who drowns their sorrows in food.
I'm tired of the lies satan feeds us.
Like we can't do anything. "You're just one person." You're too young, too old, too pretty, too ugly, too rich, too poor, too nice, too mean, not popular enough, not big enough, strong enough or smart enough but those are LIES.
My Daddy says in His Word that we can do anything and everything THROUGH HIM. We can move mountains if our faith is great enough.
Sometimes I feel like a failure.. how do I get great faith? But God tells me He answers prayers so I pray for even greater faith each day.
You can do more. We. You + me with God means we can do all things. Not some, but all. Which means we can change the world. The poverty, the bondage, the hopelessness, unsatisfied, poor people around us. How can we do this? By God's Almighty Hand and only His. Don't be fooled by satan, it's not you. It is Him. Always and forever.
Let's do more. Be more. Live life greater than we did yesterday. As if today is our very last day on earth. God bless you guys! I love y'all!!! :)

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  1. Great post!! :) I agree 100% with you! I sometimes feel like a failure too, but I am thankful that God loves me even though I'm not perfect and he forgives me of my sins!
    God Bless!


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