Remembering Michael...

Tonight I went to Michael Smith's memorial service. It was very nice. All his friends and family were there. I think I got out most of my tears... but more will probably come.

I've chosen to celebrate Michael's life and not his death. Michael was the most amazing, sweet, kind person and friend I could have EVER wanted. For two years, he was my very best friend who knew pretty much everything about me. We played basketball together (his favorite sport), he would beat me... 'cuz he had skillz! Haha! :D We bonded over the fact that we both were into the same music (which at the time was rap) and I remember one Wednesday night sitting around for like an hour waiting for church to start and listening to our favorite rap songs on his mp3 player. He was an all around genuine, loving person.

Most people might of thought Michael was a tough guy at first glance, and it is true that Michael was tough, but he had the kindest heart and he cared for everyone. He stuck up for the people who were being picked on, he was actually the first person that introduced himself to me on my 1st Disciple Now when no one had really talked to me yet.

There are so many stories and things I could tell you about who Michael was and how loving he was, but at 19 years young I think it's equally important to share with you that death can come any time. No, it's not welcome, but unfortunately, death does not care. It comes when it comes and we must be ready. Jesus Christ is our only way to Heaven. He is our only Hope for the life we shall receive after this one. Just give some thought to that and choose to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. He accepts you and loves you and wants you. He will be your comfort in hard times such as these, and hold your hand through it.

I will never forget Michael. And anytime my life becomes too hard, I will think about him and how he pressed on and how he loved. R.I.P. Michael. I love you!

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  1. I will never forget Michael. He was such a cool, nice, friendly guy! Praying for his family!


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