Are You Happy Now?

She doesn't look like you.
He is a "freak".
They are flipping weird.

Let's not pretend.. these are just a few of the things we say about people that we don't like or don't want to be around.
Not you, eh? Hmm... might want to double check.
I'm not pointing the finger, I didn't think this was me either. Then I went looked in the mirror (not for real, figurartively ;) and found out, yes, it is me.

See, the majority of people don't like the "different" people. You know, the kids are school, the people are work that just... weird, different or in your words "not right". Me... well that's not my style. I like being friends with those people some find "weird" because under all that is a beautiful person, but popular people.. snooty people... ohhh these are the people I just can't. stand!!
They drive me insane. And I find myself wishing they'd go mute so I didn't have to hear them talk about how "cool" they are or how "perfect" their lives are because really.. they are just lying to themselves and me.

I am learning to love everyone as Jesus loves me.
If I could have one wish it would be that it would be easy, but I know that as my heart becomes more like the heart of God, then I will find loving all easier than before, not that it will ever be that easy.

My challenge to myself this week and you is to love EVERYONE, regardless of whether they are annyoing, weird, mean, whatever.
Just simply love.

Check out this video by Megan & Liz, it's really good and I find the video to be very true and very good.
Let's stop bullying and picking and choosing who to love and shine the Light of Christ to everyone :) Love y'all! Have a blessed Wednesday!

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