Cheer On!!

Living in the South you get accustomed to things.
You say yes ma'am and no ma'am. Yes sir and no sir. You open the door for people. And you watch football every Saturday.
Right now there are TONS of people all over watching their favorite team. Screaming at the tv, yelling for their favorite team, hoping they pull out a win. And if they don't? Well you don't wanna see that. It's not pretty.
Now don't get me wrong, I like football just as much as the next person. But it is not my life. Not at the least.
My life is found in Christ.
I find it terribly difficult to cry over my team losing a football game when I'm watching people lose in life.
I could sit back, eat some food, and scream and yell for my team all day, but afterwards what have I accomplished?
What if people cheered one another on as passionately as they cheer on their team?
What if people followed Jesus and loved Him as passionately as they love that team and follow them?
I imagine the world would look radically different. The South certainly would. Not to say it looks awful now, but doesn't look like it could/can.
I don't like to settle. I've never liked it. Something about the word just sounds... boring. Lifeless. Not fun.
So naturally in my walk with Christ I never want to settle. To be satisfied with the same every single day. I want to continue to grow and become better today than I was yesterday.
Part of learning and living is figuring out what matters and counts. Right now, like seriously, RIGHT NOW, I want you to think about; maybe even list out, the things and people you say matter and count to you. Now look over that and see, is there anything that matters to you that maybe isn't that important? And are there things people you should care about? Why don't you?
I want us to encourage one another and cheer each other on toward Christ and His desires for us every day. Nothing wrong with cheering for a team, but when the team becomes more important than the people there is a problem. Don't let satan win.
We win this fight in the end. Not because of us, but because of Christ. Cheer on loves!!! :)

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