"Come. Walk with Me."

I closed my eyes. As I closed my eyes I began to see, this is what the Holy Spirit showed me:

I saw Jesus standing before me saying, "Come. Walk with Me."
I took His hand and we began our walk. First, we were walking in a beautiful garden with flowers, birds, and pure beauty all around.
After staying there a while things began to change.
We began walking again, but this time the beauty was fading and there was a storm. I was afraid.
Jesus said to me, "Do not fear. I got you. Just keeping holding my hand... holding on to Me."
But fear gripped me so much that I dropped His hand and ran as fast as I could.
I took a few wrong turns and found myself lost.
I kept walking down this lonely, dark road and then I see my Jesus standing at the end... holding out His hand.
I was tired, broken, beaten, and bruised.
He told me He would give me rest. He said He would heal me, so I grasped His hand so tightly and said, "Never let me go."
He replied, "My dear, I never did."

God revealed this to me tonight. I pray it touches your heart the way He touched mine. I love y'all!

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