Conviction by my own mouth...

Have you ever had those moments where you're talking to someone and you convict yourself?
No? Yes? Yeah, well it happened like five minutes ago.

Recently I've been having problems with certain people.. some people just seem to like drama and cause it ALL the time. Sometimes I think certain people just do it to get attention and so I've been really irritated at these people.

How in the world could they starve for attention so badly that they would spend their whole life trying to get it?

That's a good question. And while I was thinking about this I came across one of the people that annoys me... and they were upset about something again... but this time I started crying. I was crying for them and with them. Why? Because God softened my heart towards them just then and I saw what they must be seeing all the time. I saw their pains, hurts, wants, desires... (that never seem to come) and for the first time my heart was moved in compassion for them.

How often do we get irritated with people and annoyed with people because we think they are "putting on" when actually they are just hurting REALLY bad?

My challenge to myself.. stop being annoyed and irritated and mad at people and just love them like Jesus loves us.

We all want love.
We all want attention.
We all want someone to desire us and want us.
We all want someone to notice us.

Some people don't know that Jesus notices them and loves them and wants them... one day they will hopefully.. but until then it's our job to show them His love.

God, let them see Your eyes in mine, Your love through my love, and how much You truly want them through everything I say and do. Amen.

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