No More Sitting Around...

People have no vision today. Everyone is fine with living in the right now. Looking at what you can see right. now. And that's okay.. because Jesus said for us to live for today because we never know if tomorrow comes. But I never saw where Jesus said, don't hope for the future, don't dream, just be content with how everything is right now.

That's what I'm saying. I'm not alright.
Are you hearing me???! I AM NOT ALRIGHT.
My heart is burdened. I'm not fine with the people around me going to hell and what am I doing? Nothing.
No, my heart has been in pain so much these past few weeks... why? Because all I keep seeing everywhere is these people who I don't know, but I love deeply. These people who have eyes that show pain, happiness, sorrow, anger, hurt, etc. All I can think is, God how can I be the tool You use, so that they find You?

Last night I watched a documentary on missions... these two missionaries were in Haiti... as I'm watching my heart is breaking. Breaking! For these people... I see a child walking around naked because his family is no where around. I see bodies from the earthquake being put into pits in the ground and having dirt dumped on top of them. I see pain in faces. I also see people worshipping God. Loving on Him, and praising Him despite the things they've gone through.

These people don't just live in Haiti.. there are plenty of people, probably right next door who are hurting. They are seeking something, someone who will heal this hurt and you know Who can! Why aren't you saying anything?!
I'm speaking to myself.

I can't take this anymore. I can't sit still, doing nothing, being okay with the world around me.
I must be patient, take it one day at a time, but I can't take "one day at a time" as... "let me be lazy for one more day and then I'll do something."
No!! It just means following God's voice little by little, bit by bit, until this world is radically different.

We, you and me, by God's Almighty hand can change this world. Not because He needs us, but because He wants us.
Your life really does count. Killing yourself, leaving this earth is not and never will be the answer until Jesus comes to take you and me Home.
As hard as life can be (definitely know it can be HARD), God is bigger and greater than any struggle or problem on this earth.
He loves us more than any person ever could, any girl or guy, won't you believe that?! HE LOVES YOU!!!

I'm done with being comfortable. Life is not fun for me when I'm comfortable. I sought comfort in the world for a while and you wanna know what? It never came. I found Jesus and suddenly, I have peace, and joy, and comfort. If that's really want you want, look no further than Jesus Christ Himself. He IS everything.

Do you wanna change the world? Don't think you can? Go ask God, I know He'll tell you, "Nothing is impossible with Me." Trust Him. Love y'all! :)

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