Physically ill....

I am physically ill.
People may not look at me and say, "she's sick.", but I am.
What has made me ill?
The things around me. What my eyes have seen.
I am tired of this comfortable life.
People don't understand that this world has nothing to offer me... or anybody else for that matter.
I have watched shows where babies have been left alone on the street to fend for themselves, where people who have died are thrown into a pit and buried with who knows what else around them.
I have read stories about people who are poor and follow the Lord with absolutely everything they've got, radical people who leave their lives behind in order to find that true life in Christ, and I have read stories about people who would be KILLED if anyone found out that they are a Christian.

And I find myself tired of reading stories and watching shows... I want to experience life at it's fullest and oddly enough to others, I feel like leaving my comfortable life to something else would be very fullfilling.
If it be God's will, I know He will point my feet in the direction I am to go in and move.

This life is my Lord's, not mine. I am through with living for myself, Jesus, take my life and live through me!

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