Cold and alone...

She was 11 maybe 12. Very pretty.
The wind hit her face. She looked cold.
I watched her for a little bit wondering why she was all by herself in such a secluded area.
I thought maybe I should ask... but I didn't want to be a creeper.
I continued to watch her to make sure she didn't get kidnapped or hurt.

After a while she began to walk away and so did I. Our paths crossed on the way and I said hello. She spoke a soft, "Hi." and continued walking.
She kept looking back. Maybe to see if someone was following her. Maybe to see if anyone had noticed her. She might not have known... I noticed her. And God did too.

I don't know why, but that little girl impacted me today. I'm not sure what she was doing.. running away, just taking a walk, hiding away... but regardless, she was right there. I said nothing to let her know that life will be okay. That Jesus loves her. That she's beautiful. I just said hello.

As I began praying for her, I began to wonder... how many people cross my path everyday and I never say anything to them? I never show them the love of God. It saddens me greatly to think that.

Maybe God wanted me to talk to her, but I didn't. Too afraid. Too scared. Too nervous. What will I say? What should I have said? I don't know. Simply stated... I don't know.

That is in the past. I may only look forward and keep going. Learn from my mistakes. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day, and maybe the next, God will place someone there for me to talk to. Will I do it? Will I speak words of Life to them?

We never stop to think what someone is going through. Maybe that annoying person at the grocery store is dealing with a son or daughter who is in Iraq fighting for our freedom and she/he misses him or her.

Maybe that kid at school is so starved of attention at home that he or she decides to make it happen at school.

Maybe that man or woman at work is so grumpy because their family is falling apart.

Maybe that prostitute is a prostitute because she was never loved by anyone at home.

It's time to stop taking suface things. Stop judging people by how they look. Anyone can put on a brave face, but it's not their face that makes them brave. Step up. Next time you see somone who looks like they need encouragement go talk to them. I know it's hard, but pray about it. The Word says He (God) will give us the words we need to speak. Don't worry. I'm going to do my best to follow the Lord's voice wherever and whoever He leads me to. We can do this through Him. Be blessed!

**Special Thanksgiving post coming tomorrow! :)

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