My 'hood...

I love my city... like.. LOVE it!

Unfortunately, a lot of people don't... maybe it's just because they can't see what I can see coming. Maybe it's because it's primarily black. Maybe they just can't deal with "thugs" and "hooligans". There can be many reasons, but whatever they think, I still love where I live and the people I'm around.

I see God raising up a generation who is gonna be unashamed and radical for His name. And I see that people coming and being used to save all the people that the... "holier-than-thous" do not want to talk to much less be associated with.

Most people I know who visit the area I live do not care for the people or the place. It's called the "ghetto" (admittedly, I call it that too, but mostly as a joke and it could be considered as such) and I have friends who will not drive through where I live.

Now before you think I'm living in the scariest place on earth, let me tell you, where I live I feel comfortable. Others may not because they aren't accustomed to it but the crime rate here isn't that high and when I walk down the stress I do not fear that I'm gonna be shot (despite prior beliefs).

Side note: there is crime everywhere (as I'm sure you know) and if you are trying to find a place where no bad things happen... sorry to disappoint you, but no such place exists.

I see this area, this city being awakened from the sleep they have been in for so long. I believe God is gonna use me and others around me to help bring this about. I see the people who are desperate, who have been doing drugs and dealing them, being healed and set free. I see men and women being set free from finding security and love in sex with people they barely know. I see children having hope and a bright future where they know the Lord and live to please Him. I see people letting go of all that hinders and stops them, and running towards the One who can do all things.

I can see all of this. I can almost taste it, I feel that it's so close. I am praying for revival.

Yet, I feel as though it's me against the world (even though I know I'm not). It's just I know people who said that they were "dedicated" to this area, who have gone to church every Sunday saying it's their purpose to be a Light here and then up and leave. People who are of great faith have left this place alone for so long, but then complain about the lack of Christ here. You cannot complain about what is going on around you, if you are doing nothing to help change it. Plain and simple.

No matter where you live, don't give up where you at. No matter what is going on. No matter what the crime rate. Get on your face and pray! God changes things when His people pray. He hears every word you speak to Him. He is listening. So go ahead... tell Him what you want done in your city! Tell Him what you want done in your state. Tell Him what you want done in this world and then wait patiently for His reply. Be obedient enough to say, "Yes, Lord." No matter what your role is. We can change the world by and through God and through Him alone. I love you all!

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