Pain = Beauty.

Regret. Pain. Hurt. Tears.

Do these describe where you've been or are right now?

I'm pretty certain (like 99.9% sure) that everyone on this earth that is up to any age has experienced all those things. If not... well thank God for that.

There was a time in my life where for 2.. make that 3 straight weeks I did nothing but sit in bed, sleep, cry, pray, and repeat that process over and over and over again, day in and day out.

Can I tell you that was one of the worst times of my life? Yet, God turned this time into something so good. I just couldn't see it.

I used to dread anything that would make my emotions go from happy to anything that was not happy. I mean, who really wants to be sad or upset? Not me.

But God has shown me that it's those times where I am hurting, and crying out that He becomes even more real to me. I would say that when I'm happy... sometimes (not all the time), I don't always look to the Lord for help. I think, well I'm happy. That's good. See ya' later God. When I need You. When I'm hurting.

He wants to help me through everything. Not just my pain. Not just your pain. He wants to have complete and full control of your every moment. Why? Because His moments are better than ours could ever be... despite our best efforts.

The reason I was going through that pain months ago was because I was being completely disobedient to God and that was part of the consequence. He got my attention when I began suffering.

Instead of asking, 'why me?' when you are suffering, ask, "what are you trying to show me, God?"

Pain = beauty. Why? Because when we are in the most pain, that's when we begin to grow. Spiritual growth is beautiful.

God is moving all the time. Only when you truly open your eyes and heart are you going to see what He's doing. Open your eyes. :) Love y'all!!

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