Single and lonely...

My pastor has shared this quote with me many times and I must say I repeat it to myself all the time!

"It's better to be single and lonely than married and miserable."

That is so stinking true!! I completely agree. However, it says nothing about getting over being lonely or even if you will. I guess that's up to me. Maybe, maybe not.

So... can I just be real? Being single is fun and all, I like it a lot because I can just focus on me and and my Savior, which I love, but sometimes (like this past week) I get lonely. And when I get lonely, I get lonely.

This week I've been praying about it. I'm not dating right now because I feel this season I am in is for me and Him only. He is working on me. Preparing me. So that when the time comes for me to date (if it be His will) then I shall be ready for my future husband.

God has revealed a couple things to me. The first thing is this. You will not meet Mr. or Mrs. Right until you learn to be content in the Lord. You will not have a lasting, forever relationship with someone until you become content and happy with the lasting, forever relationship you have with the Savior. Simple as that.

The second thing is, when we get lonely, instead of running to that friend or thing that makes you forget about your loneliness, run to the Lord. We need to learn to run to God when we are lonely because truly He is the only One who can take away our loneliness. If you go into a relationship already lonely you can expect there to be problems soon because you are asking someone to fill a spot in your life that only God can fill.

Let God work on you and prepare you. Stop trying to force yourself into a relationship with a person and focus on your relationship with the Lord. He will bring the right person into your life when you're ready. Love y'all! Be blessed! :)

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