Sit still and be quiet...

I talk too much. Everyone knows this including myself and I refuse to deny something I know to be true.

I've been struggling a lot with how much I talk. Sometimes I want to close my mouth and not open it for a few days... but that never happens. Teehee!

This past week I've been completely annoyed with how much noise is in my life. It's me, it's other people, the radio, the internet, the television, etc. I rarely hear the voice of God because I am so consumed by all the voices around me.

One day I went for a walk with no music and just listened and talked with the Lord. Pure bliss. That is exactly what it was. No loud noise, no irritating interruptions, just me and Jesus talking and interacting. I wonder how many times He's tried to strike up a conversation with me and I was too "busy" to listen.

I am challenging myself this week to turn off the distractions more often and listen for His voice. Nothing is wrong with the internet, TV, music, talking to people, but sometimes it can be too much and we need to take a break and sit still and be quiet and simply be.

Who's with me? Who will turn off distractions for say... an hour each day this week and listen to Him? It's really nice to go on a walk without a care in the world and hear Him the whole way. :) <3 Have a blessed Sunday!

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