Words eternal...

"You're not good enough."

"He only likes you because you have big hips, and a big butt."

"It's not like I rush home to give you a call."

"When's the baby due? Haha!"

These are a few of the words spoken to me in my life that I still remember to this day.

The last one.. I remember that day better than most. I was going to a school "meet the teacher" day and because I was pretty fat when I was little, she (the teacher) thought it was funny and asked me if I was having a baby as a joke. I walked right out there and in my little 4th grade mind began hating myself and started to cry.

I've heard so many painful jokes that even though the person claimed they were joking, killed me inside. And if anyone knows me (and for those who don't), I wear my emotions on my sleeve. Yes, I know, I've been told it's not the best choice to make but I don't care. I am not going to pretend I am okay, when I'm not. So any time someone said something that hurt my feelings, I got quiet, I got angry, I began hating them and hating myself and I would cry. Maybe crying silently for a minute and eventually it would turn into sobs.

I'm sure right now as you're reading this you are remembering at least one (probably more) moments in your life where someone said something really hurtful to you. You can forgive them. You can love them. But those words will be in your mind forever.

There are plenty of people I have forgiven, people I indeed love with all my heart, that simply cannot change the fact that I remember those words spoken to me. No, I don't hold it against them. As far as I'm concerned it was a completely different person who spoke those words to me, but none the less I remember them and the pain that they have caused me for so long.

God's Word is eternal. That means it's here today, tomorrow, the next day, and even after this earth is gone, those Words will still be alive and active. His Word will never fail us because He never fails us.

What if we focused more on His Word to us, then we focus on the words of other people to us?

What if instead of seeking your confidence in another person, whether getting words of affirmation or words of hate, we sought our confidence in Jesus Christ and everything He says to us?

I think the problem with us is we don't value God's opinion as much as we value other people's. Even though what God thinks is true and what other people think are just... thoughts.

My life would look a little different if I did that consistently every day. If instead of listening to other people and what they say to me and about me, I listened to who God says I am. Wow. Powerful thoughts there.

I am going to strive this week to consistently, day to day, listen to the Lord and His Word each and every day and find my confidence in Him and nothing else. What about you?

Those words you remember from back in the day (even if it was just yesterday) do not define you. Who the Lord says you are is what defines you. Listen to Him because His Word is true. Love y'all! :)

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