Christmas morning...

Christmas morning...

It used to mean getting up at the crack of dawn, running into the living room and begging my mom to let me open my presents right then. It used to mean stuffing my face until I couldn't anymore. It used to be all about getting and not at all giving.

Christmas morning this year...

I have an indescribable joy knowing that I celebrate my Savior's birth on this day. It means giving to everyone, including my Jesus. It means being thankful for all that I already have.

This Christmas morning is different from all the rest. I have realized the beauty of my Jesus and the beauty of my family. It's beautiful. Magical. Wonderful. I am so thankful to be blessed enough to have such an incredible family and such an incredible life.

Instead of focusing so much on things, try focusing on Jesus. There are no amount of things that can ever compare to Jesus and the indescribable joy you experience through Him. I pray today that you know that joy.. and if you don't then I pray You seek Him and find Him.

Merry Christmas everyone!! Blessings! :)

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