Faith trumps fear...

For the next 5 days I will be blogging about something I've learned from the story of the birth of Christ.

Day 1:

When reading about how the birth of Jesus came about we hear about a girl named Mary (who was probably 14) and who was told she was gonna give birth to the Son of God. She was engaged to Joseph. We can stop right there for a minute.

Can you imagine being told that you were gonna have God's Son? Much less you're gonna be (obviously) pregnant?! You're engaged... you're still not married... and the man knows it's not his child and even if it were, everyone still looks down on you. That's scary. She could be stoned for that. Killed. Dead. Never coming back. At 14.... I would have begged God to pick someone else.

Not Mary. She's such an example of faith to me. Sure, she was probably very scared. Anyone would be. However, she basically said, "even though I'm scared out of my mind and don't know where all this will lead me, I trust You, Father. I trust You have a plan, You will protect me, and You will make all this work out."

Thinking about that makes me want to swallow my fear and let faith shine through. Sometimes I shy away from doing certain things because I'm scared. What if what I do is...
wrong, stupid, everyone hates it, everyone hates me for it, I get talked about, etc.
There are many possibilities as to why I'm afraid, but if it's God's will for me to do something... I want to say without a doubt, "Yes Lord, may it be to me as You have said. I am Your servant. I follow You."

May my faith trump my fear. May faith trump your fear as well. If you say no to God and His will you could miss out on something beautiful (maybe not quite as spectacular) like the birth of God's Son! Shine your Light! :)

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