I see hope...

Last night I went with a friend Christmas shopping and on our way home we went through an area that I've never seen before.

I live in what some people call the "ghetto". I don't think it is, really. I like it a lot. The people around me are wonderful. Some might be rough around the edges but that's all of us if truth be told.

While we were driving around I saw huge houses decorated to perfection with Christmas lights everywhere. It was beautiful. A little bit breathtaking. But the most amazing part of the night for me was driving up this hill that overlooked the city. I could see everything. Everyone. Okay... I couldn't really see any people, but it felt like it. ;)

That moment was very special to me. Sometimes being around the same place with the same people and seeing no change can be... hopeless. Recently I've felt like there is nothing that will change around here. In that moment... seeing all the city lights.. how much bigger the world is... I saw hope. I see hope. God was whispering, "Greater things have yet to be done in this city." I believe God will allow me to be a part of those 'greater things'. I am very thankful for that. :)

Christmas time shouldn't be the only time we find peace, hope, and joy. However, I am here to remind you now that there is hope for whatever situation you may be in. God is with you, by your side, through the easy and tough times. Cling to Him. Have a blessed weekend! :)

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