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This post is from yesterday. No confusion, I am well aware that today is not Christmas eve. ;)

Merry Christmas eve everyone!!! ^.^

So I've been thinking a lot recently about people around Christmas time. Of course nearly everyone is happy and joyful. Selfless and giving. Peaceful and loving. However, I'm sitting here wondering about all the people who are hurting this Christmas. All the people who are lonely, sad, depressed, homeless, poor, cold, hungry, dying just to have a nice hot shower before the year goes out.

How is it that it seems the only time people give to others less fortunate, is during Christmas? Or the only time we really sit down and talk to someone and truly listen to them as they pour out theirs heart is during this time of year? Are our hearts so hardened that we don't care for the people who are hurt and dying? Who need a Savior? Who might thoroughly enjoy a hot meal, new clothes, and maybe a haircut and not just during Christmas?

I think about the families grieving over the loss of loved ones. I can name off at least 5 or 6 right now. If those are just a few of the people I know are hurting... how many others do I not know about?

How would it feel to know you were forgotten? On Christmas nonetheless? Tomorrow many materialistic people will sit down and be merry as they receive more than they gave throughout the entire course of this year. I'm not pointing fingers.. that person was me not too long ago. Since then God has opened my eyes and shown me how very wrong I've been. Now, I see that it is a greatly larger blessing to give to someone, than to receive.

Don't forget about the people who will be crying themselves to sleep tonight because their heart has been broken over and over again. Or the person who has no place to lay his head because he's got no home.

Just remember tonight, when you lay your head down on a pillow, to thank God above for the blessings that you already have! Pray for those who don't have as much. As a song I heard earlier today said, "I count blessings instead of sheep." I like that. Pray for those who would rather have a healed heart, than a brand new car. Material stuff can't heal. Jesus can!

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