They will try and take your smile...

Everybody doesn't like you. Everybody will never all like you. That doesn't mean there is something wrong with you. Sometimes it means that there is something RIGHT with you. "The world will hate you because of Me."

Last night was probably one of the hardest nights of my life. For real. And there have been some pretty intense moments. I was about ready to come unglued. Why is it that when we go to church, the place we are to build each other up and encourage, it seems to do the least of that? It's not just my church, every church is like that. There are hypocrites everywhere, but seriously sometimes I just want people to be real and genuine. Stop putting on that fake face and just be yourself. No cliques, no divisions, no hatred or unforgiveness, just God's people loving one another and trying to spread His Word throughout the world.

The world will try and take your smile (that's the 'they' in the title), but we don't have to let them.

I would say I'm pretty real. I try to be nice to everyone, show love to everyone, but sometimes people think that the girl who is always smiling, the girl who is always nice, is to be pushed over. My thoughts from last night,

Is it my smile that makes you angry? Is it my joy in the Lord that makes you want to trip me? Am I doing something wrong? Lord, what am I doing wrong? Did I hurt him? Did I hurt her? Why is this so hard? I can't smile right now.  

My smile was gone. It had been taken.. or maybe rather given up to a bunch of people who really didn't even notice. Yep. Fail.

God has been working on me all night, even when I was sleeping He has been speaking over me. He's been reminding me that the world will hate me because of Him. He has been teaching me that forgiveness is always the answer and that love (His love) overcomes all. I can't let a few people who are just hypocrites take me down. You can't either.

You'll hear this saying a lot in your life (probably already have), "Just ignore them." but sometimes that's just not good enough and really, it's not real. You can't ignore everyone. Some people really know how to dig deep into your soul and find the one sore that is still raw and jab some salt into it. Stand strong. Instead of "ignoring them", stand strong in God's love.

When someone intentionally hurts you, forgive them, move past that, and stand strong in His love.

When someone goes behind your back and does something you told them not to, forgive them, move past it, and stand strong in His love.

When everyone seems to be against you, forgive them all, move past it, and stand strong in His love.

Remember that "if God is for us, then who can be against us?". Remember that His love trumps all worldly things and matters. Keep your chin up. Just because the world will try and take your smile doesn't mean you should give it up.

Happy Monday y'all!

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  1. Good Job! :D Keep on forgiving sweet girl. We are called to forgiveness. Remember how much we fall short to Godly standards, but yet He continually forgives us. Do the same for others. Cheer up today, bask in His love continuously. Soak it up. Wubbbyou!


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