To you... yes.. YOU!

Hello! So I love writing letters and this one is to you! I think you need to know you're thought about and important and that you deserve something done for you every once in a while. This is just a small thing I can do. :)

You have a purpose. Stop believing those lies from all the people who tell you you can't do anything. You're not "important enough" or "special" enough. God made you for a specific purpose that only you can do. Stop telling yourself you can't or you're not good enough. You aren't good enough on your own, but because you are His you are good.

You are a son or daughter of the Most High. Act like one. Respect yourself. Stop giving yourself away over and over to people who don't even deserve you. Who cares if they don't like you for it? God will bring people into your life who deserve to be there. Stop letting what people think dictate who you become. You aren't too dirty. You aren't worthless or a piece of junk. Stop believing those lies.

"He who is without sin can cast the first stone." Many people forget this. Don't you. Don't point out other people's flaws just to make yourself feel better. And when other people do this just remember that "Hurting people, hurt people." Gently help them out. Pray for them. Give them verses that will help them realize that they don't need to hurt someone to make themselves feel good. They just want someone to love them, and when they don't get that they think no one else should feel loved either. I was that person for a while. God changes hearts.

Okay, yeah you want a girl or a guy, just somebody to love. That's cool. However, until you get right with God it won't work out. You can't be completed by someone who wasn't meant to complete you. That spot for God can't be filled by a person. Only by Him. Stop forcing things to happen in dating relationships. Spend some time with the Savior and when He says you're ready the right person will come along. How will you know? God will tell you! :)

You are special. Chosen. Called. Loved. Beautiful. Wonderful. Read His Word. You'll find these things out. Find your identity in Him. I mean, after all, your real and true identity is in Him anyways. I love you. I might not know you, but you're my brother or sister and just because of that I love you. He loves you too. Wayyyyyyy more than me. Don't forget that. Keep your head up!!

Have a great weekend! :)

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