What I Learned in 2011: About Choices

I've always made the easy decisions. The obvious choices. Why? Because I didn't want to be uncomfortable or make a choice that will hurt me or someone else. I mean, come on, who would actually choose to make the hardest decision as opposed to the easiest one?

In 2011 I learned that sometimes the hardest decisions are the best ones.

There have been many times this year that opportunities came up for me to do something for the Lord that was a lot uncomfortable for me. So I came up with excuses about why I couldn't do it and how ill equipped I am and made the easy choice, declining.

It was easy to say no to the things that I feared, the things that were uncomfortable, the things I wasn't good at. A lot of the choices were the wrong ones, however I did learn from them.

But it wasn't just saying no to opportunities. I had to say yes or no to the more complicated things. Relationships (friendships), family issues, what to do about certain problems that didn't just involve myself. There were quite a few things I had to make a decision on towards the middle/end of the year. There were a lot of easy ways out. So many. In fact, most people in my life were telling me to say yes to the easy ways out because they didn't want me to be in pain, which is nice, but not always helpful.

I made a few extremely hard choices. I learned that sometimes the hardest decisions are the best ones. When I said no to my comforts, obvious happiness, extreme joy, easy life... and said yes to the uncomfortable, painful at times, extremely frustrating at times life, I found extreme joy and happiness. I found so much more than I ever thought possible.

I learned to seek God's will in my life and not my own. I learned to stop asking other people's opinions and then taking it as my answered prayer to do exactly what that woman of God or man of God told me to do whether it was truly God's will or not. I learned to fully ask God what He wanted and to simply do, be, live whatever or however He wanted/wants.

When we pray and seek God's decisions in our lives and stop trying to force ourselves into ideal situations, we are far more blessed than we could ever be on our own.

Instead of seeking the easy way out of everything, get on your face, pray and seek His will, and you just might find that though the decision may be one of the hardest ones you've ever made, and the choice you're making may not be what you really want, it will be a lot easier with Him by your side and obeying His will as opposed to your own.. Be blessed! :)

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