What I Learned in 2011: Live Life

This week I'll be writing posts on different things I learned this year. Hope you enjoy! :)

At the start of the year I had many hopes and dreams. So many. However, they slowly got put to rest as the year picked up pace and my heart desired one thing... to be loved and pursued by someone... other than God.

My "wish" eventually came true and I ended up going so far away from Jesus that He could have been standing right in front of me and I wouldn't have known. I fell hard.

My thinking during that time was that if I could just get that one thing I always wanted then I would need nothing else. I wasted precious time that could have been spent with my Father, waiting and hoping and eventually getting, what I thought I needed.

In 2011  I learned to live life.

I've always been the girl who was waiting and hoping, waiting and hoping. I put everything on hold to get whatever it was that year that I desperately wanted. This year the Lord showed me that life is meant to be lived. Not living for the temporary or the sinful pleasures of the world, but living for Him and the life that only He can give.

I used to be the one would say, "My life will be amazing when....", "If _______ happens then I will be happy...". It turns out that all those when and then's that I focused too much attention on just didn't satisfy me. If they came to pass then I would be entertained for a little bit and then get bored again and go searching for something else.

Waiting for the temporary things aren't worth it. Waiting for fame, fortune, happiness, love in the future and not accepting the love and happiness and joy and extremely rewarding life that comes from the Father now... that's a waste of a life.

If you waste your whole life waiting for the perfect job, the amazing wife, that perfect man, etc. you'll eventually stop looking and seeing anything good because you're constantly seeking something that may be years and years away. That's coming from personal experience. I'm not saying don't dream. You should dream big dreams and hope for things that everyone else may say is impossible, but don't put your life on pause while you're waiting. Use your time wisely. Spend it getting to know the Father and letting His love overwhelm everything in your life.

Happy Monday! ^.^

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