This fasting thing is harder than I thought it would be. Like way harder.

I decided to fast Facebook, Twitter, Dr. Pepper (for those who don't know me personally.. there is a HUGE addiction to that stuff ;) ), sweets (cake, candy, pie, ice-cream, etc.), and any secular music.

Fasting Facebook and Twitter isn't too bad, I needed a break from that stuff. The secular music was mostly country stuff anyway so I don't miss that too/too much. The sweets... oh goodness I had no idea how dependant upon them I was until I told myself I couldn't have any.

So some people have asked me recently why I'm fasting. Plain and simple, I want to get closer to the Lord. Also, fasting helps us to see that God supplies all of our needs. So even though you might find yourself dependant on certain things, once you take them away, you'll see that through God you can do anything.

I find myself sometimes thinking, 'Hmm.. I can totally cheat on this fast and no one will know.' I mean no one is watching me that closely. Then I remember I am doing this for God. And while no one around me may know, He would. I think about how if someone was doing something for me, I wouldn't want them to go back on it later simply because it brought up some trials.

Side note: If whatever your fasting causes you to become more distracted than focused on God, then you need to find something else to fast and work your way up to whatever it is. No focus = no awakening in your life.

My reminder to you today is whether you be fasting now or later, or doing something else for the Lord, or just living your life day to day, let your heart be all in. Don't hold back. Jesus didn't hold back on the Cross, we shouldn't hold back in our every day life.

Have a blessed Saturday! :)

"Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men." - Colossians 3:23

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