Broken with no vision

I have been called a deep thinker before. In my opinion I don't think that deeply. I just refuse to filter my thoughts away from the things that make most people uncomfortable. I think if we only let our mind focus on happy and pleasing things to us, we will never find our true identity in the Lord.

That being said, the other night I was laying on my bed, crying out to the Lord, and thinking. He was speaking to me about brokenness.

I was telling Him about how my heart breaks for so many people. I told Him about how I felt broken so many times and just chose to stay broken. That's when He told me, "You allow yourself to be broken and that's good, but sometimes you just stay broken, never producing any change or growth through/in that."

I wanted to be defensive at first. Like, 'Okay, God, you might be right, but I'm pretty sure something good comes out of my brokenness... right?' Then, I was like wow. That's so true. We see the pictures of babies in Africa starving, but do nothing about it (well the majority of us at least). We see the homeless man on the side of the street and have broken hearts as we pass him by, but we never stop to see if he's alright, what he needs, or if he knows Jesus.

Brokenness without vision produces no change.

Truth. You can be broken... and only broken. But while your heart is breaking for someone else, you can choose to find God's vision, see from His point of view, and make a change.

When you get sick, what do you do? Do you continue running around 24/7, going to bed at 3am, take no medicine and just hope you get better? No. Most of us don't at least. You slow down, get some rest, take your medicine, and get better way faster than if you didn't do any of that. Same thing goes for when our hearts are breaking. If you just look at our broken world and think, 'How sad.' but do nothing about it, change nothing about it, the world will stay broken and never get any better.

I am talking to myself especially. You're not alone. There have been many times when opportunities came my way and I just did nothing. I chose to sit and be broken, but never rise up and pursue God's will and plan for healing and restoration in this world.

My prayer not only for this week, this month, or this year, but for however long I have on this earth, is that I will be broken, but have a vision, God's vision, that will eventually bring change and healing to our world. If God cares about brokenness, then so shall I. I will do something. No longer will I sit back and think about how sad it is. I will take action. Do something. Life is too short not to.

"For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead." - James 2:26

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