The last year of your life?

I was reading my devotional a few days ago. Of course the topic was on the new year and what we are going to do and so on. Then, at the very end it asked this question,

What if 2012 really is your last year on earth? How will you live?

Wow. That blew my mind. I mean we have all heard of those people who pretend they know when the world is going to end even though the Word already says no one knows the time or date. But what if, not in a "the world is ending" type of way, but in a, "Jesus is coming back!" way, this was your last year? How would you live it?

I thought about that question and have been thinking about that question off and on for about... well ever since I read it. It's been driving me. Challenging me. If this was my last year on earth, I want it to be different. In a good way of course. I want to live all out for God. I realize now that that is how we should always live.

I don't want to look back at the end of this year, be it my last or not, and think, 'well... this was just like every other year. No consistency. No radical living. No constant pursuing. Just me, being selfish, hateful, unforgiving, and dumb.'

I want to look back and say that while it wasn't perfect, while I did stumble and fall, while I did fail the Lord, I got up, took His hand, and continued walking in His ways and being His hands and feet.

What about you? If this was your last year on earth, how would you live it? Seriously, I'd like to know. What would be one thing you made sure you did every day consistently? If you don't have an answer to share now, that's okay. But make sure you think about it. Will you give God your all this year, or think that though, tomorrow is never promised, you'll get it right "later"? Later may never come.

Have a blessed night everyone!

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