Lead your heart, stop letting it lead you...

Sometimes I wish I didn't have a wandering heart. That my heart would just desire one thing and stick with it. That my heart would just desire Jesus and stay with Him and never look else where for satisfaction that can't be found.

However, my heart doesn't do that on it's own.

Jeremiah 17:9 says, "The heart is more deceitful than anything else, and incurable- who can understand it?" HCSB

I have experienced my heart's deceptiveness over and over again. My heart has misled me so many times. Can't blame my heart though. It doesn't know any better. Really, it doesn't. I do. It's my job to lead my heart in the way it should go.

I was spending time with Jesus yesterday and began reading Proverbs 2. I encourage you to go read that full chapter. As I had just begun reading, I came across verse 2. I also went back to it a couple times. God was speaking through it to me.

"...listening closely to wisdom
and directing your heart to understanding;" - Proverbs 2:2

Now before Bible scholars attack me, I am a huge believer in reading the full context of Scripture which is why I encourage you to read the whole chapter. However, for this post I am focusing specifically on what I was studying yesterday.

So, I listened to God explain to me that wisdom is something that doesn't just come to me. It is something I must listen for; intently. Further on in Proverbs 2 it talks about wisdom is something we must seek like silver. You will not wake up one day and be a wise man or woman. If you want to have godly wisdom you must seek it, listen for it, and look for it.

After that, God hit me in the gut. He began speaking to me about how I must direct my heart. It won't go where I want it or He wants it, if I let it have free reign. So many times I've wondered why different things my heart desired so much, God didn't want for me. It was just that He has so much better in store for me. For you too. Which is one of the main reasons we must learn to tell our heart no. Certain things are not good for us or for our relationship with the Lord and just because it is your hearts desire does not mean it is God's desire.

Reminder for the day: don't let your heart lead you. Lead your heart. Lead your heart towards God and towards all His plans for your life. Don't be deceived. Your heart will do that to you. God won't. He is not deceptive. He is who He says He is. Be blessed! :)

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