The lonely valley...

I am walking in a lonely valley.

There are many people around me, yet none of their words comfort me.

No, I look to my Father and His love, His words, they bring me comfort. Still, I cannot mask the pain my heart is feeling. He knows. He knows my pain better than anyone. I trust Him. If I must walk in a lonely valley to find Him for the rest of my life, then I will.

Often times when we are alone, when we are afraid, tormented, angry, in pain, sad, depressed, hungry and hurting, we find God the most.

Why is that? Well, when we're happy we just don't depend on Him as much as we should. We think we can handle life. We think, 'I've got this.' No. You don't. We have nothing but Him. He is enough.

If He were to let us run our lives and give us the "power" we think we have, all our lives would be empty and disappointing. Thank God that He is God and will bless our lives with His power if we choose to allow Him to do so.

It's not pleasant all the time. Not at all. I want His joy to overflow through me again. To fill me up and spill over into every aspect of my life. But if I'm happy all the time and never truly know my God... what kind of life is that? What type of relationship is that? Sounds like a sad life.

I am still smiling through it all. Why? How? Those questions have crossed my mind a few times. I mean, my heart is hurting, but I'm still happy in a sense. It doesn't make sense to a person who doesn't know Love. But if you know the Lord, then you know that trusting Him is the absolute best thing you can do, and that when you truly trust Him, you can smile through the pain because you know that He will take care of it all. There will be tears, but the tears will be wiped by the very hand of God and you will know comfort. Eventually. It's a process.

Don't be afraid of lonely valley's. Don't allow your emotions to be your god. Happy, sad, joy, grief, none of those things can ever overcome God and who He is. Don't let the devil lie to you and say they can because they can't. Being sad changes nothing of how God looks at you or how He loves you. His love is unfailing. Always. Happy or joyful. Sad or angry. He is our God. Trust Him.

Have a blessed day!

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