Fat. Ugly. Gay. Stupid. Loser.

Only a few of a titles we give one another.

We take one look  at a person and without even knowing them, we label them.

The homeless man on the side of the road. We don't know "for sure", but he's probably into drugs, or alcohol, or both.

The girl who sits alone at church, she's probably "emo", suicidal, anti - social. Probably.

We take one look at a person and judge them and then wonder why people look at Christians and call them hypocrites. Though we are not all hypocrites, there are a large portion who are.

You know I think if Jesus saw that homeless man He'd probably give him some money, and talk with him for a few minutes. Maybe just small talk, maybe something deeper.

That girl who sits by herself, Jesus would probably sit next to her. Give her a smile. And see if she needs a friend.

The problem is we all have a name, but we don't know the true one. The one that says who we really are in Christ. We all have a "title". You may be the one who calls them self a loser, stupid, ugly. Maybe you really are suicidal, but you go to church every week and pretend to be okay.

Christians are not perfect. Only forgiven. Look at the Cross. YOU are forgiven.

What if you switched those names you call other people (and maybe yourself) from...
loser, to valued.
From ugly, to fearfully and wonderfully made; beautiful.
From stupid, to loved beyond belief.

What if we saw others through the eyes of God? What if we saw ourselves through the eyes of God?

We can all be guilty of believing grace and love and mercy for other people, but not for ourselves. Grace is given to all. Jesus paid the price and now He holds out His hand with His gift and asks you to take it. Will you?

Everyone is loved. Everyone deserves to know they are loved. Gay, straight, bi, God loves us all. Though His Word clearly states that girls are not meant to be with girls, and guys are not meant to be with guys, His Word says we are to love everyone as we love ourselves. We all have things we must work out and go through. I want you to know you are loved. No matter what you've been told before. Nothing you've done or will do can ever earn the love of the Father. That's the awesome thing about it. He never changes therefore, His love never changes. I pray that makes your heart leap! Walk in His love. Stay blessed! :)

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