Warm and fuzzy?

You won't always have warm and fuzzies.

Why doesn't anyone talk about that? So when life throws you a day where you feel like garbage, you begin to think there must be something wrong with you, because a Christian; a follower of God, is not supposed to have a bad day. Right? Wrong.

It is true that you should be passionate about your relationship with the Lord and you should have feelings of warmth and happiness and joy in that relationship, but to think that it will always be that way is plain stupid.

I thought that for a while and the minute those feelings were fading and changing into feelings of depression and sadness, I began to question my relationship with God. No one told me that the warm and fuzzies wouldn't always be there.

This time in my life I have found my heart broken. Why it is broken I haven't quite figured out and believe me I will share once it's known, but this time is very trying. Can't we all just be real? I mean, honestly, I don't want to go sit down in my Sunday school class and pretend everything is okay. I want to talk about it. No, we must put on our fake smiles and our fake "Life is good" motto and never, ever begin to think that maybe life isn't that good right now. Why would anyone think that God would want us to be fake?

I am being tried severely right now. Just two weeks ago my heart was blossoming with love that overflowed so greatly for God and for other people. Now, my heart feels empty. Hurt. Deeply cut. I find myself crying out in worship instead of just singing the songs that I know are so true. Maybe that's the purpose in this time, that though everything might try and tell me not to serve God (and being a very emotional human being, if I placed too much value on feelings I might have already given up on this relationship) I will still pursue the Lord and I will still sing His praises because "feel good" emotions or not, my God is still God and He is still good. No matter what.

Prayers would be great right now. And if you need prayer for something please don't hesitate to post me a comment w/ your prayer request in it. If it is too personal for the whole world to see you can send me an email. It's on my profile.

My reminder to you, regardless of whether you're "feeling it" or not, God deserves your very best. I know it's hard when your emotions are playing with you, but don't forget the great love God has for you and that He is always with you, fighting your battles (Exodus 14:14). Have a blessed Monday! :)


  1. Wow! I find it amazing how we often go through the same things..
    I haven't felt all "Warm fuzzy and happy" lately in my relationship with God. It's comforting knowing that I'm not the only one, though!
    I'll pray for you! :)

    (Btw, this is Hannah.:DD)

  2. Thanks for your prayers, love! I am amazed too at how God always shows us His faithfulness, sometimes just by reminding us we're not alone. Praying for you too! Love you!


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