Your story...

The wounds are deep.
I could pretend that they're out of reach, but I think that would spell defeat.
I'm supposed to be "perfect", no problems at all, dust myself off when I stumble and fall and pretend like it never happened.

My heart is never meant to broken, stolen, left wide open. I am to guard it all times, pushing those away who might try,
and take what was always "mine".

Truth be told,
the same old...
is getting older by the minute and I'm supposed forget that I am a witness in my life.
Of the routine that seems to drive me insane.

I feel alone. Truly I know I'm not, but can you explain that to my wounded heart?
Because it cries 24/7, 365, and I'm left to sit here and ponder why.

I woke up. Wiped the sweat off my head. I'm sitting still in my bed.
There He is. Always with me. He said He forgives me. I believe Him.
What reason would the King of kings have to lie to me?
Why would I even try and think that He could be anything less than True and Loyal?

I'd left Him for years, searching for approval, but the approval was only "pretty" disposal.
I was used and abused by those that I called my 'friends', yet I left the One who has always called me HIS.

I was left in shame, inside my brain, nothing made sense, until I met the One who knows me better than myself.

You may call me stupid. I call you ignorant. Though we all were at one point or another.
Let me introduce you to the One who sticks closer than a brother.
Who loves you more than your father or your mother.
His name is Jesus.
The King of Kings,
the Lord of lords,
who doesn't need guns, knives, or swords. He will win your heart, if you give Him the chance.
You can hold onto His hand and start to dance, a dance that will never end.
Eternity is in His hands. You have one chance. Get it right, before your story comes to a sad end that could've been,
one of the greatest stories ever told.

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  1. Hey! How are yo? hope you are fine. I miss you blo so much, now i'm here to read the beautiful things you write from God's heart.



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