"But I don't know who I am..."

I watched The Lion King yesterday. That was a good decision! :) Why? Well, I learned something pretty profound from this Disney movie. Now... it's share time!

So it's really easy to get lost in this world. Like really easy. Simba (the young lion in the movie) got lost too. He forgot who he was. He eventually said, "I don't know who I am..." so he was led to a stream where he looked in and saw his image. Afterwards, his father (who was killed) said something from above to him, "Simba, you have forgotten who are you are. You are my son. You are king. Remember who you are." Boom!

Don't you think God says the same thing to us? He is looking down at us, seeing how lost we are, heart-broken and saying, "You are Mine! Remember Me! Remember who you are. Remember Whose you are."

See, so many times the sins we are dealing with come not from an addiction problem or a lust problem, or whatever. They are identity problems. The struggles I face daily... there probably wouldn't be so many if I remembered who I am. Where and with whom my identity lies in. I've sat on the floor crying before, asking God what He wants me to do and I'd say, "But Daddy, I don't know who I am. I admit it. I'm lost. I have no clue who I'm supposed to be or where I'm supposed to go."

My identity. Your identity. They aren't so different at all. You and I are His child if you've accepted Jesus. He (God) is our Father. Being His child means we belong to Him. You are His. I am His. We do not belong in this world. Our identity does not come from this world no matter how messed up our thinking can get. It's your choice. You have the choice to accept God and accept your place and your true identity as His child. You also have the choice to refuse Him and keep on living a life you were never meant to live. Which are you going to choose? If you aren't sure whether you are God's child or not read John 1:9-13.

My whole week has been changed just from realizing the simple truth that I am the Lord's and He has a purpose for me on this earth as His child, not as the world's play thing. Nothing permanetly satisfies on this earth. I'm made happy for a little while and then the happiness fades and my heart ends up torn in two. Thank God for His salvation. I am freed from all of that! I am His. How that blesses my heart. <3

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