Know Him!

I'm done with fleeting emotions, circumstance based, off and on again religion.

I'm coming back to my First Love. I'm in love with Jesus. This love is so crazy, but in the best way possible and it might not make sense to some people, but those who truly experience it understand it.

I am an upside down jar for the Kingdom of God. I've been praying far too long to receive when I should be praying to give. All this stuff I have doesn't compare to Jesus. I'd give it all up in a heartbeat to keep my Savior. In fact, I do give it up. It means nothing. Here today, gone tomorrow. But my God, He is here forever.

If we really knew the Lord we wouldn't go venturing back to sin and things of this world. That's the problem. We don't really know Him. We claim to, but we honestly don't. If we really knew His love for us, the life He has for us... why would we ever choose anything else? Anyone else?

I'm done with pretending to not care. The fact is, if God wanted us to not care, we'd have no emotions. We must choose carefully what we care about.
Jesus over the world. Souls over personal opinions. Etc.
I choose to care. I cannot with hold Jesus from people. Even if I try and shut my mouth, what He's doing in me just comes spilling out.

I choose to live a life of surrender because when I hold tightly to this world all I get is pushed down. With Jesus, the weight is lifted. The hurt, the pain deep within, is healed. The tears that come every night aren't flowing anymore from personal issues, but from the pain of seeing so many people without Him. Problems still come, but now I have One who gives me lasting solutions to those problems.

He loves you. He loves you. He loves you. HE LOVES YOU! I want you to know that. Forget my name, forget who I am, forget all that. If the only thing you know if Jesus, you're good in life. And I don't mean; church on Sunday & Wednesday, read the latest in Christian theology, say a bedtime prayer "know". I mean sitting in your Daddy's lap and loving on Him as He loves on you. Reading His Word not because it's the "Christian thing" to do, but because you truly love Him and want to know Him; His heart, His likes, His dislikes, His desires and so forth. Know Him like you would your best friend- except even more than that!

You are more than you know. God calls you His Son or His daughter. Accept that title. Claim it. Live your life as His. Fully, completely, totally His. Happy Friday!! Stay blessed! :)

"I will lead the blind by a way they did not know;
I will guide them on paths they have not known.
I will turn darkness to light in front of them
and rough places into level ground.
This is what I will do for them,
and I will not forsake them." - Isaiah 42:16

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