Let's just love!

Hey guys!! So I know it's been a while since I've blogged and that's only because I've been sick this past week. Thankfully I am finally getting better. :)

So, having nothing to do I've been sitting around thinking a lot. I've been thinking about how we as Christians should love each other. How we should love God.

A friend of mine said something that's pretty simple but totally profound. She said we'd be a lot better off if we forgot the phrase, "Hate the sin, love the sinner." and simply loved. I agree.

I was thinking about it. I know we are to love God above everything else and love each other as we love ourselves, but sometimes we get so focused on the sin in someones life that we don't even focus on the person.

I was watching the news a couple days ago and saw where a boy was beaten up because he's gay. How messed up is that?! Because he's gay???! I don't understand how we can rank people's sins when in God's eyes, sin is sin.

Our problem is, we don't love people like God does and truthfully, we don't even try. We love conditionally. Where as God loves unconditionally. Apart from God we can't truly love. With God, as we grow in Him and love Him more, His love will become our love and we will learn to love others like He does- unconditionally.

I want to love the broken, "unlovable" people. I want to be able to love someone so radically and so unconditionally and that they know it can only be the God in me.

Recently, a friend of mine said she knows someone who has basically told everyone in their life that if they didn't know Jesus then he didn't want to talk to them. This type of thinking breaks my heart. I remember a few years back a man was giving a devotional on the radio where he used a verse in Scripture and basically said that meant we didn't need to even converse with people who are "sinners". Um hello?! I am a sinner! I'm saved by God's grace, but take His grace away and I'm still a sinner. I fall short EVERY day. How can anybody think that they don't?

We must be careful not to fall into a sin with somebody because the saying is true, you can't pull another up, but they can bring you down. However, we must also be careful to not neglect sharing Jesus with everyone we come in contact with because personally, I don't want anyone to suffer in Hell forever. Is that just me? I hope not.

My challenge to myself and to you is to stop looking at people's sin. Stop looking at them and yourself and judging who is "holier" than who. Let's just love. Radical, ferocious, doesn't make sense, unconditional, love. Love like Jesus. Truly. Jesus' love changes people. It changed me. He continues to change me every day. We can't do it by ourselves. We can only love in and through Him because, after all, He is LOVE. His love makes it worth it all. Happy Sunday!

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