Mistakes will be made

You want to know what ticks me off? When someone falls and then everyone stands in judgement.

What brought this to mind? Glad you asked! Josh Hamilton did. If you don't watch ESPN all the time or check out the latest news in sports you probably haven't heard. I'll catch you up real quick. Josh is a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser. He went out. He had a few drinks. He relapsed (not even sure that's the right word for it). Now everyone is giving him a really hard time.

My main irritation is that he fell, and people are hating on him for it. Like their perfect? No. None of us are. I'm in no position to judge. I've had many struggles with something that has addicted me. Chances are you probably did too. Maybe still do.

The saddest and most angering thing I saw was when I went to read a couple articles online (gather the facts before you start spreading rumors) I read a few comments from people who said that they had had problems with alcohol before and that he shouldn't be put on the front page so he can whine about it while he's making millions. Um, hello? If you haven't learned that money doesn't satisfy you, I hope you learn it soon. Because money definitely does not satisfy, nor does it take care of any emotional problems. It only covers it up. Just like beer, sex, fame, drugs, food, etc. does. Sin only covers up the problems, never solves them.

We all fall.

"For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." - Romans 3:23

All means all. You, me, your cousin, your mom, your next door neighbor, and any public figure you can think of. Every single person. Some people know that they fall while others pretend like they don't and stand in judgement of those who do. Jesus has every right to do that to us. He never sinned and yet He took our punishment, yet He doesn't do that. He doesn't stand in judgement of us (though one day judgment will come, but that's a topic for a different day), shaking His head, and thinking of us as dirt. No, He gives us a second chance. He gives us more than a second chance. He gives us life.

So why do we stand in judgement of people who have struggles? If Church is the place I need to go to when I've got it all figured out, I will never be able to go there. I will never have it all figured out. But I don't have to because my God holds the entire universe in His hands. He knows. He has it all figured out. That's really all I need to know. I trust Him.

We were all made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). Famous or not. Black or white or hispanic. Young or old. Male or female. Each and every one of us is created in His image. We hate each other. We judge each other. We make fun of each other. Will we ever realize that we might be making fun of the God who made them? The God who loves them?

One mistake does not define you. Personally, I applaud Josh Hamilton for sharing with us his struggles. That's real. Some Christians would do well to take note of that. We're not perfect and if you're striving to be, you might be striving for the wrong thing. I can't make myself perfect. I just follow Christ and ask Him to make me more like Himself. I can't do that. You must accept the fact that you can't do that, either. Stop judging others and yourself for the mistakes you've made. We will all fall. Learn to take the Father's hand and stop fighting it. Stop pushing Him away. Let Him help you. Let Him hold you. Then, go and share that with someone else who thinks that they've messed up too much. Have a blessed weekend! :)

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