A prayer for today...

I thank you for raising up a generation who is tired of being content with the things of this world.
A group of people who refuses to live their lives for the fleeting pleasures of going out and partying and getting drunk and having sex with people they barely know.

Father, I pray you open the eyes of people who do not know You. That we who are followers of You will be a Light to the people who aren't. I pray we will not be afraid to step out and share You with people no matter what the cost.

I pray that we won't live comfortable lives, Daddy. It's easy to be content with life just because we're saved, but our lives are meant to be so much more than that. I pray we will step out of our comfort zones and let our faith be exercised daily.

God, I pray that the person who reads this will come to know Your overwhelming love and peace each day for the rest of their lives. I pray that he or she will see that they are created in Your image and they are beautiful. May the see their worth in Your eyes and not this world's.

Lord, I pray we won't settle for a life of worthlessness. The world has nothing to offer. May we see You offer us all we need and that You are enough. Despite what other people may think or say I pray we will be bold in our walks with You and not be afraid to tell the world we serve You, the Almighty God.

Protect us, Father. Let Your hand be upon their life and may they walk boldly knowing that death cannot touch them. That though, they will one day die here on this earth, Heaven will be open and life will be theirs forever all because of Your Son, Jesus.

Thank You, God. Thank You that You have saved us and that You are now equipping us to help bring others to You. Let Your hand move in our lives as well as the lives of the people we encounter each day. We love you.

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