So you wanna be a leader?

Y'all this has been on my heart for a couple days so I decided to blog about it today. The topic: leadership. Specifically, leadership in the body of Christ and the Church.

Too many times the "leaders" at church are anything but. I was talking with a friend the other day and she was telling me how she's tired of the people who are leaders in her youth group, not actually leading lives that are following Christ. My advice? You be the leader. Be the example.

I remember last year I was friends with some people who were considered leaders in the church. They were nice people. But did they glorify God? Did they deserve that place of leadership? Honestly, no. Not to judge, but I mean if we have a pastor who is claiming to follow Christ yet he never spends time with God, should he be a pastor? No. In the same way, someone who is going to be looked to as a leader, someone who is going to be seen as a person who can share godly advice and pray for you, yet they never have a personal quiet time with the Lord should not be a leader.

Don't get me wrong. I know we all have struggles and fail every day and I'm the first to admit I fail daily. However, we either take the title Christian seriously or we shouldn't take that title at all because God takes it very seriously.

Sometimes I just sit and wonder why people don't like Christians. Some people hate us because they hated Jesus (John 15:18). Some people hate what I call "church people"; hypocrites. We've all been one at some point in our lives. Those are the people who are up in church every Sunday and Wednesday and yet have no relationship with the Lord.

What can we do about all this though? I mean sure, we can tell the people who claim to be leaders to get out of that position and just be a 'regular joe', but then there is still an empty space where the world is begging, screaming for someone, anyone, to step up and let their voice be heard. To let their lives be lived fully. Who is gonna do that?

We are.

Yes, you and me. If you call yourself a Jesus-lover, follower of God, Christian, then you my friend, are the one who needs to step up.

We need to stop sitting on our butts expecting God to do something big in our lives when we're not doing our part. It's called a relationship! Relationship's require work on both parts, not just one.

Don't let satan lie to you and tell you no one is watching you or no one will listen to you. Umm, why do you think he is doing that? Because he knows that Christ in you is so powerful that people who normally wouldn't listen to you, will!! Satan is afraid of what God can do through you when you obey and rise up!

Walk in His purpose for you today. Don't be afraid to speak up when He's laid something on your heart to speak. He is with you. If He spoke it to you, He will speak it through you. No worries. :)

"The LORD is the One who will go before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid or discouraged.”- Deuteronomy 31:8

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