Sorry I'm Not Sorry...

I love it when I'm struggling with something and God hits me hard with something right when I need it. He did that yesterday.

I was reading a devotional and this quote was in it from Oswald Chambers,

"We have the idea nowadays that God is so loving and gentle and kind that all we need to do is say we feel really sorry for the wrong we have done and we will try and be better. That is not repentance. The essence of repentance is that it destroys the lust of self-vindication; wherever that lust resides the repentance is not true. Repentance brings us to the place where we are willing to receive any punishment under heaven so long as the law we have broken is justified. Repentance involves the receiving of a totally new disposition so that I never do the wrong thing again."

Boom! If we tell God we're sorry and then go back and do the same sin again, that's not repentance.

That's something I've really been struggling with. Basically I've been telling God, "Sorry I'm not sorry." I'll ask forgiveness for something I did, then a little while later go and do the same thing again. My mind must be renewed and my heart must be set on Him. He must truly be the center of my life. What I must realize and what we all must realize is yes, God will forgive us, yes, He still loves us, but His Word says that if we truly love Him, our actions will show it. We will stumble and fall, but we will get back up and do our very best to not sin against Him.

Actions speak louder than words. You can say you love Jesus all day long. People might not think too much of it. Show you love Jesus and people will start to notice.

"Go and sin no more." - Jesus

Go and sin no more. Give Him all you've got. Jesus gave all of Himself to us. Will we do the same for Him? God loves you. His love does not depend on what you do. He can be nothing more or less than who He already is which means, He does not change. He will always desire you. He will always want you. But when you're dead it's too late for you to desire Him. Get yourself right now. Tomorrow is never promised.

Stay blessed! :)

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