Don't go back!

"You'll never change."

"Ha! You?! You could never change. You'll be right back to your old ways soon enough."

The statements above might mean something to you. They might mean nothing. These are just a couple of the statements you get when you attempt to change. Specifically speaking, when you come to know Christ.

I was thinking the other night of how many times I or someone I know changed (by God's hand) and then people continued to bring up your past. Saying you're a new person only meant that those words would get harsher and the blows would hurt even more.

After thinking about it for a long while God showed me a few points that I think will be helpful to anyone who is changing daily for the better, and is dealing with sceptics all around. Don't go back to who you were. So.. here you go...

1. Stand firm. It's easy to let satan get into your head and start telling you about how you'll never truly change and might as well go back to your old ways. Don't! Don't listen to him. When those thoughts creep in, start praying. Start worshiping and praising God. Go read His Word, or journal, or take a walk, whatever will give you time to listen to the Lord, go do it. Stand firm in Christ and let Him lead you.

2. Gently and respectfully tell them the truth. Let your friends and family know that God has forgiven you and because of Him, you have forgiven yourself too and accepted the new life that we can have in Jesus. Let them know that you won't be perfect, and will fall daily, but you are living a new life and it would be awesome if they would stop bringing up your past. Do remember to do this gently and respectfully because if you stand there and yell at them you're only going to prove their point a little.

3. Get around some godly, Jesus-loving people. This is sooo important! If you don't get around some people who love Jesus like you do and push you towards Him, you're going to fall flat on your face. We can't live this life alone. Not by ourselves (meaning, without Christ) and not without some help (meaning with Christ and the people He places in our lives). Pray that God will bring you some people that you can be real with, share your struggles and triumphs with, and hold you accountable in your relationship with the Lord.

4. Be patient and keep being an example. Your actions will show them what you are about. If your life says something completely different from what you're saying, no one is going to take the change you've said you experienced seriously. Let the Lord guide you and keep living your life to please Him. Other people will come around soon enough and even if they don't, God knows our hearts, so He knows if you're a true follower of Him or just a fake.

Happy Monday, loves!

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