Fill Me Up

God has been flipping my world upside down lately... and it's been exactly what I've needed.

Do you ever get time to just stop and enjoy God? I don't mean going to church every week or your daily quiet time. I mean breaking out of routine and the busy to-do list's and letting it all fall to the ground as you spend on purpose time with the Lord?

In a world of Twitter, Facebook, email, texting, Pinterest, etc, it can be really difficult to find that time to just slow down and enjoy the love and grace and glory of God.

I've been attempting to focus more on the Lord these past few weeks and really let go of all these personal appearances I feel like I have to keep up. Examples: 'If I don't post a blog today will people stop reading?', 'If I don't get on Facebook will so-and-so get mad because I didn't respond to their message?', 'I've lost 10 followers since I took a break from Twitter.. if I don't get on and tweet something will they all leave?' and so forth. God really broke me a few days ago because I realized the one thing all those thoughts had in common- me.

Am I selfish? Yes. Very much so and God is changing that in me daily.  One of the greatest things God has taught me and reminded me of over and over again (aside from His love for me and His faithfulness) is that it's not about me. Let me say that again, it's NOT about me.That goes against everything I've ever known or been taught. We live in a world where everything is about me, myself, and I. But when we choose to follow the Lord we give up our right to our self and the "it's all about me" attitude so that it can be replaced with Him.

For so long one of my greatest fears has been that God will take away a sin or distraction in my life and never replace it with anything. I know, so dumb. But that's been a fear for me for a while. It's why I've been reluctant to give over certain things to Him. The awesome thing about our great and patient God is that He doesn't let go or give up. He keeps pressing and pursuing. Not forcing (though sometimes I really wish He'd force me to follow His will because in the end His way is always better than my own).

God has spoke one thing to me over and over these past couple weeks. What is it?

"Let Me be the center."

Simple statement, but so powerful! The idols in my life, the gods I've allowed through, He wants to take those away and replace them... with what? Himself. Boom! I've been so afraid to let Him truly be the center of my life by letting go of every single thing because I thought there would forever remain a hole in my heart and life where that thing used to belong, but it turns out that He never leaves us empty and that thing I thought belonged never really fit. He fills us up. He replaces everything in our lives with Himself. How truly awesome is that?!

"You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows." - Psalm 23:5

My cup overflows... why? Because God replaces everything in our lives that we give up to Him with Himself and truly only in Him can we overflow with nothing more or less than Himself.

Let God be your center. Let go. Let go. Let go. I have to hear that in my head a million times a day because if I don't, I'll hold on. God knows me better than I know myself. He knows that I can be really hard-headed and refuse to listen, so He reminds not only of His faithfulness, but of my weaknesses. He reminds me that on my own all things are definitely not possible, but in Him ALL things are possible. All means all. Don't you want the impossible? I sure do which is why I let go every hour of every day, to let God do what He will and that is fill me up with Himself! Have a blessed Thursday! :)

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  1. Definitely something to remember! Thank you for your thoughts beautiful friend! I love you!


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