His strength, not mine

Why is it so easy to tell people that Jesus loves them and firmly believe it, but yet when it comes to ourselves it's so hard to believe the same?

I've struggled with that for so long. Always believing that God loved everyone and was pleased with everyone but me. Why? Because I sin daily, I fall short daily, and I look around and think, 'Do these people ever fall down? Really, God? Do they? They seem so perfect... though I know their not. Why would You choose me?' Silly, foolish me. I was soo wrong about a lot. (Side note: the devil is a liar. Every single person has fallen short (Romans 3:23) and will do so until the day they die. Through Jesus we have redemption!)

Today I was spending time with the Lord. I take full advantage of these lovely sunny days we have. :) I was just talking to Jesus about this and some other stuff and He absolutely blew my mind.

Not only did the Lord start telling me how much He loves me, but He was also pointing out some areas in my life that I hadn't surrendered to Him. He showed me that I've been relying on my strength and not on His.

We either trust God and believe Him or we don't. That simple. I've been struggling with that sin that you just hate, but can't seem to get rid of. Like you go a few days without falling down in that area, but then you fall down again. It's been driving me absolutely insane!!! God showed me something very sobering though, I keep falling into this sin because I'm relying on my strength and not His. Boom. That one hurt.

Matthew 19:26 says,

"But Jesus looked at them and said, "With men this impossible, but with God all things are possible."

ALL things. Not some, but all. That addiction, that sin, that life-style, whatever it is we can conquer in and through our Savior. Not on our own. Relying on your power to get through something will just cause you to get the same results you've gotten before because we have no power outside of Christ.

If you're having the same issue, I really encourage you to read this. It really blessed me and helped me figure a few things out.

Let's focus on relying on the Lord and His strength and not our own. Our strength is very feeble and will fail after a short while. God is strong and mighty forever. Have a blessed night! :)

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